Sure Klean Weather Seal

protect your investment

Durable and beautiful though it is, over time simple rainwater can visibly decay and stain unprotected concrete, brick and stone. Sure Klean® Weather Seal penetrating water repellents provide an invisible, breathable shield against the water-related enemies of masonry.


PROSOCO pioneered the first siloxane water repellent in the 1980’s. We’ve been pushing the industry forward with innovative technology for penetrating protective treatments ever since. Our full staff of chemists is constantly working to make products that protect your masonry buildings while keeping up with ever changing chemical regulations.


PROSOCO technical field reps are located across the country to make sure your job is successful. They can be for on-site to apply a test panel, identify a stain, help out on a problem job, or train your crew. Their job is to be there when you need them.


Rainwater soaks into masonry. It dissolves natural salts that recrystallize when the surface dries. The salts build up in the masonry pores from repeated wet/dry cycles. In cold weather, water freezes and expands inside the masonry pores. At first, the cracks and fractures from wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles are microscopic. They don’t stay that way.

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