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At PROSOCO, we are constantly seeking new opportunities to join with other best-in-class manufacturers to build innovative new construction products and systems. We want to work with you to improve the compatibility of our products and develop exciting new growth opportunities.

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PROSOCO’s heritage is innovation. Since 1939, PROSOCO has been a leader in developing superior products and services for the construction industry. PROSOCO is consistently the first to market with products that are designed, tested and proven to restore, protect, and sustain buildings. We made it first. We make it last.

Our range of products across three main product lines have limitless applications to improve the performance and durability of any project:

PROSOCO R-Guard® air barrier products set the new standard in airtight, waterproof and energy-efficient building.

PROSOCO Consolideck® is the ultimate sustainable concrete flooring solution.

PROSOCO Sure-Klean® masonry cleaning products have been the number one choice of contractors, architects and engineers since 1956.




Reliable Collaboration

A partnership with PROSOCO is more than just a handshake. The “above and beyond” attitude that drives our relationships with our customers extends to our strategic partners. We want to work with our strategic partners every step of the way from testing and product development to field support and quality assurance. We strive to ensure our products not only exceed customer expectations, but are also fully compatible with those of our partners.

We stand together with you behind the success of our products and our collaboration.

Brian Koenings, the leader of our strategic partnership initiative, is a 15-year veteran of the construction industry. He not only knows the wide range of applications of PROSOCO products, but the ever-changing demands of the industry.


Our Partner Projects

PROSOCO has forged powerful strategic partnerships with some of the best in the construction industry.


Prosoco Dens Element


PROSOCO has teamed up with Georgia-Pacific LLC to be a flashing and finishing partner for its DensElement™ Barrier System.

The DensElement™ Barrier System removes a step in the weatherization process in commercial buildings by integrating a water-resistive and air barrier within the gypsum core of DensElement™ sheathing. The revolutionary and time-saving building envelope system leverages PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash® to fill seal joints, fasteners, openings and transitions and PROSOCO R-Guard® PorousPrep™ to prime exposed gypsum edges. PROSOCO is an approved partner approved by G-P to provide the flashing membrane for the DensElement™ Barrier System.


To learn more about DensElement™ and PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash®, click here. Or visit denselement.com  





Prosoco Cavity Complete

CavityComplete® Wall Systems

PROSOCO is proud to be the air and moisture barrier partner for CavityComplete® Wall Systems.


CavityComplete® Wall Systems integrate five products from some of the construction industry’s most-trusted brands into a complete wall assembly solution. When combined, CavityComplete® Wall Systems meet or exceed most industry standards and codes and are fully warrantied together.

CavityComplete Wall Systems feature components that have been tested and proven together to help manage air, vapor and water movement.


Partner manufacturers are: PROSOCO, Owens Corning Sales LLC, Heckmann Building Products, Mortar Net Solutions and Rodenhouse Inc.

Learn more about CavityComplete® Wall Systems, or visit CavityComplete.com



Building the Future. Together.

How can we work together to grow and build the future? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today to connect with Brian Koenings and our Strategic Partnership team.