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The standard set for LBC buildings is a high one: net-zero water consumption, net-zero energy consumption and reduced construction materials, impact on people and the environment. With limited exceptions, all materials used in construction must be void of any Red List materials.

Version 2.1/2.2/3.0

The LBC Materials Petal sets a high bar for reduced toxicity and low-impact construction materials. Conformant products must be documented to be free of intentionally added chemicals or materials on a published Red List. PROSOCO stepped up to the challenge on the Bullitt Center project by reformulating air and water resistive coatings and sealants to replace phthalate plasticizers with a low toxicity, optimized alternative. Look here for products for interior and exterior coating and sealant systems that contribute to high-performance and aesthetically pleasing assemblies.

Living Building Challenge 2.1/2.2/3.0 Materials Petal Red List conformant products
download our Red List Conformant Product Summary

Div. 3-Concrete Flooring Finishes, Coatings & Stains
Concrete Dustproofers/Densifiers

Consolideck LS
Consolideck LS/CS
Concrete Dyes and Stains
Consolideck Gemtone Stain - All Colors
Consolideck ColorHard - All Colors
Protective Coatings:
Consolideck LS Guard
Consolideck PolishGuard
Consolideck GuardEXT

Div. 7-Air & Water Barrier Sealants & Coatings
Primary Permeable Fluid-Applied Air Barriers:
R-Guard Cat 5
R-Guard Cat 5 Rain Screen
R-Guard Air Dam
Liquid Flashing Membrane:
R-Guard Joint & Seam Filler
R-Guard FastFlash
R-Guard GypPrime

Div. 7-Masonry Protective Coatings
Water Repellents
Weather Seal Siloxane PD
Weather SealNatural Stone Treatment WB Plus




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